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saki guzman
Current Residence: Manila, Philippines
Favourite style of art: A cross between the american and japanese cartoon styles
Operating System: Windows 7
Tools of the Trade: Adobe Photoshop CS, Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Intuos 5 medium

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A Long Sleep by saki-guzman
A Long Sleep
Another fan art based on the old and new versions of Voltron. I really like how her gown came out. 
The Old and the New by saki-guzman
The Old and the New
I have no idea what Lotor will look like in the new Voltron. He may very well look and act different, he may not even be included at all but it doesn't matter. I have the old Lotor here wearing a costume similar to the new Zarkon's. I left out the new Allura's face marks since I prefer her without them. 
One Way or Another by saki-guzman
One Way or Another
"Are you sure you don't know her? She's been following us all day!"

I just thought that- given Captain Marvel's background with Rogue, it would be funny to imagine situations where they 'bumped into each other'. Several times and repeatedly. Probably intentional coming from one of them. I know it's happened in the comics already but since I haven't read that I wanted to re-imagine the situation. Blondie's song "One Way or Another" just fit since I never thought of it as a love song or one of attraction, it's always struck me as revenge themed.

One way or another
I'm going to find you
I'm going to get you, get you, get you, get you
One day, maybe next week...

Maybe one day, she can forgive her because that's what superheroes do?

I got so caught up in drawing the X-ladies wearing casual attire that I forgot to cover Rogue a bit more^^; I love how they have their own individual style when it comes to dressing, the designs I got online say a lot about each character. Rogue is more of a casual/punk ripped jeans sort of person. Jean is conservative/feminine and Storm is sophisticated even during the day. I'm not as familiar with Carol Danvers so I decided to leave her in her uniform. I imagine she'd consider herself on duty during this situation.
Down the Rabbit Hole by saki-guzman
Down the Rabbit Hole
Having an artist block, so I had to come up with something I hadn't done before to snap out of it.

Even so, I'm not entirely sure if I am out of it. I guess this is what happens when you're so inspired by a certain TV show and you churn a lot of fan art and then it goes from being the best thing to being the worst thing. :/

Anyway, for this one I just wanted to draw a female character I liked playing the role of a character from selected literature. In here, Lois Lane is 'Alice' from Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. Irony is that Gotham is far from being a wonderland  unless you're insane, have issues, or grew up there. Good thing that like the book (or the Disney cartoon), she probably just wakes up in the end of this all, just like Alice does.

Alice-> Lois Lane. The Alice of the story since it fits with her job as a reporter. In here, she chases a drug lord who somehow leads her into Gotham.
The White Rabbit-> No, the white haired woman down there is not Storm. There really is a villainous character from Metropolis called the White Rabbit.
The Cheshire Cat-> Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Well, who else?
The Mad Hatter/The March Hare-> Joker and Harley Quinn
The Caterpillar-> Poison Ivy. I really like how her dress came out and her 1940s inspired hairstyle.
The Red Queen -> Now the Red King, played by resident crime lord Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone
The Dodo-> The Penguin
The White Queen-> In here it's the The White King; second crime lord Salvatore 'The Boss' Maroni
Tweedledee/Tweedledumb-> They actually exist in the old comics but I didn't want to be too direct so- Sugar and Spice from the old movie. I had to think of two twin type characters who couldn't exist without the other. And who didn't have much personality.
The Jabberwocky-> the Pandora's box of inner turmoil. I get why people like him but I actually prefer the stories he's in than the actual character himself.

I had second thoughts about doing this. There's already an over-saturation of Batman everywhere to begin with, and plenty enough fandom for Gotham and its crew...but I finally had an idea that just wouldn't go away. I lost interest drawing this several times but I'm glad I finished because of how it came out. 
Something I wonder about when I see works of art like this (by puimun), this (by tir-ri) or this (by Himmapaan).

From what I know- what these illustrations have in common is that they're all made using traditional media. Not doing a digital vs. traditional comparison here. That seems pointless, given that both have their merits. I often choose digital simply because it's so much more convenient. But there's a certain character and uniqueness to traditional art that digital doesn't have. It's that thing though, that makes me wonder how exactly an artist can give his/her work away, even if there's a paycheck to be had later.

I mean, it's not like you can click a button and make another copy. There's only one original we're talking about here...and even if you took the time and effort to recreate that single painting, it's just not the same.

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